Imagine getting a birthday card from a lost parent, a letter from a friend who died too young, or a Christmas card from a Grandparent who passed fifty years ago. Think how it would make you feel, seeing their handwriting and soaking in their words, a message written for that moment, from a very long time ago.

It’s easy to underestimate the profound effect of receiving a personal message from someone missed for so long, because it so rarely happens today. A few people do have the foresight to leave legacy letters and messages for loved ones, or wishes of intent for their possessions. Generally letters like these are discovered during the turmoil of a recent death, their sentiment subdued by bereavement.

But what if you could get a message to your loved ones once their grief has subsided, when they’re ready to listen?

Imagine being able to send cards and messages into the future, to bestow your love and wise words on future generations. For the recipient, this would be a life changing surprise, your words from the past would have momentous significance, and any memories of you would be fondly reinforced. For example, you could write a card for your baby Grandson’s fiftieth Birthday, tell him about your life, and how you imagine his may be. Send another to arrive on the day he’ll be exactly the same age as you are. The possibilities are endless, and your legacy is assured.

Too many people die too young, in difficult circumstances or without achieving what they set out to do. Knowing that your messages and sentiments will live on after death brings great comfort. It’s easy to imagine how precious your gift could become, cherished and shared with family members. The contents of your envelope may become an heirloom, passed down to a generation you’ll never know. While the end of your life is inevitable, your presence can now live on.

From something so simple it sounds too good to be true, but in both words and pictures you can now live on in the hearts and minds of your friends and descendants.

Welcome to Swansongs.