To join Swansongs you just need to purchase your legacy pack, which includes:

  • Your Swansongs account number
  • Swansongs introductory brochure and guide book
  • Five large Swansongs envelopes
  • Easy-to-complete form for all relevant details
  • Large return envelope to send everything back to us
When the pack arrives you may want to take some time to think about what you will put into each numbered envelope. The Swansong envelopes are large, big enough for cards, photos, letters, discs and memory cards. As long as it closes at the seal, you can put in as much or as little as you wish. You can write the name and address of the intended recipient on the front of each envelope, or you can leave it blank for us to fill in later.

The details form is very simple. Just fill in a name and address for each numbered envelope, and the dates you wish them to arrive. Don’t worry that the address may change; using your secure password and account number you can update us at any time, or if you’re not around to do that, don’t worry. We will use the latest residential databases to confirm each recipient lives at the stated address before we send, making changes as necessary.

The password on your details form is locked to your account. There is a reminder question too, just in case you forget. You only require your password if you need to change the date or name and address details of the envelopes later.

Place your envelopes and details form in the return envelope and once it arrives back with us all the details will be logged into our secure database. Our temperature controlled secure archive will offer a safe and permanent home for your envelopes until they are ready to send.

Each letter will be researched a month before delivery, then sent with a guaranteed worldwide postal service to arrive on the requested day.