Even those of us lucky enough not to have lost someone close will have imagined how painful it will be when it happens. We wish swansongs had existed when we lost those close to us, giving hope that some part of them is still out there, waiting till it’s time.

That’s what makes the swansongs legacy pack so unusual, it’s a gift which will mean much more to the sender than the receiver.

The simple guide inside each legacy pack is easy to understand, even if you’ve never heard of Swansongs before. Based on our experience, your loved one will be thrilled at the chance of leaving messages and memories inside each envelope. Unburdened of the things they never had the chance to say, and gladdened by the thoughts of those who’ll receive them.

And, while we can’t say for certain, when the time comes for you to say a final goodbye to that special someone, knowing they had a gift from Swansongs may just offer the tiniest crumb of comfort.